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A luxury maison inspired by the glory and glamour of dynastic jewellery, Viktor Alexander aims to cater to a wide array of segments with affordable luxury crafts to haute de gamme bespoke high jewellery pieces. Artisans at Viktor Alexander personally select each exotic skin for elegance of grain and quality before hand-cutting and production of each bracelet begins. The process continues with Master Jewellers at the Maison who then hand polish and decorate each of the precious metal coronets tips set with a range of semi-precious stones such as garnets, topaz, citrine to precious stones like sapphire, rubies, diamonds and emeralds, using only the highest quality conflict free gems for adornment. Each piece is unique due to the texture and grain of the skins but highly discerning customers looking for bespoke editions can request for customisable piece uniques with their preferred selection of stones as well.

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