Sarpaneva Korona K2 Kaamos


The new Korona K2 Kaamos features the new Korona case that was introduced at Baselworld 2009 as Korona RG/WG and is also used for the new Korona K1. The 42mm case with more pronounced shape, is slightly smaller than the old Korona case. Now the Korona K2 also comes in the new case, but the Korona K2 has some new features. This DLC coated black version of Korona K2 has a diamond coated case and three-part dial and date disc. The movement is perlage finished followed by black nickel coating. Sarpaneva used luminous hands and marker before on the prototype Korona K0 and now for the first time on a production model. It comes with box and paper dated in January 2017.

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