Patek Philippe 18K White Gold Multi-Scale Chronograph Ref 5975G-001 Limited Edition made for the 175th Anniversary


This 18k white goldĀ Patek Philippe Multi-Scale Chronograph Ref 5975G-001 Limited Edition made for the 175th Anniversary is rated 9.8 out of 10. It comes with booklet, commemorative coin, box and named paper dated in April 2015. Limited Edition of 400 pieces. 5975 are three different scales. This includes a pulsometer scale calibrated to 15 pulsations, allowing physicans to calculate a patient’s pulse in far less than one minute. Outside that, you’ll see a telemeter scale, which is used to calculate distance based on the difference between the speed of light and the speed of sound. Most often used in military situations, one could calculate how far the enemy was by timing the difference between when you saw a flash of light, and when you heard the sound of fire. Finally, the third scale is a tachymeter, or a scale used for measuring speed over known distance. These multi-scale dial watches were most popular during the Second World War and are highly sought after by collectors due to their technical appearance, usefulness, and general rarity. They were often accompanied by two registers that would show running seconds and a 30-minute counter for the chronograph.
But you’ll notice the new 5975 has no registers. So, this isn’t really a chronograph in the traditional sense of the word; it is really a tool to measure pulse, distance, and speed, not record time in any way (over 60 seconds, that is). It is a very interesting concept to make this Multi-Scale Chronograph without any timing capabilities and it is a choice like this that could make the 5975 an instant cult classic.  

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