Arnold & Son DBG Stainless Steel 44MM Ref 1DGAS.S01A Limited Edition (New Unworn)


This brand new Arnold & Son DBG Stainless Steel 44MM complete with box and undated paper. It use a range of different textures in a pleasing way to produce a stunning, yet highly legible dial that is further enhanced by a nicely AR-coated sapphire crystal. One of the time dials uses Roman numerals, while the other uses Arabic numerals. The latter dial also has “filled in” hands while the former dial has skeletonized hands. These are further reflected in the 24 hour dial so that it is clear which hand refers to which dial. There is of course a lack of luminant for night viewing, but that is common in more formal or traditionally styled watches such as this. The hands are otherwise blued and very attractive.

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